Since December 2013:
The Gambler Featured Korean Singer Paramont Film
CDC Hepititus B PSA Featured Doctor Contagious LA
Sex Sent Me to the ER Jennie’s Father BTL Production
Ed Sheeran “Sing” MV Singer/dancer London Alley Productions
Interviews w/ Fictional Characters Fruit Ninja Levinson Brothers
LUVO Commercial Shopper National Picture Show
The Freak Show Featured Neighbors AMC Cable
Funny or Die Guest Internet
Direct TV Holiday Promotion Commercial – 2 Spots AAAZA Productions
Sphero Businessman Internet
Awkward Family Photos Father Reality Television
The Glory Deacon
Text Offender Grand Parent
Science of Love Married Couple in Love Soul Pancake
Diversity Print Crescendo Interactive
The Actors Colony Tobe Sexton April 2014
The Actors Circle Marcie Smolin Jan 2014
Van Mar Academy Ivan Markota 1973-1976
Tom Anthony’s Precision Driving Team Precision and Stunt Driving 1974-1976
East West Players Kathlene Freeman , Mako 1972-1976
Toastmasters Award Winning Public Speaker 15 years