Barbara and Stephen play the parents of 3 sisters. This poignant video shows that even when the siblings grow up, relationships do not change.

This Buzzfeed video has received over one million views. 


Stephen and Barbara are invited over for dinner by the owners of the Venice Beach Freakshow. When the Freakshow cast drops by the event becomes a night to remember.


Stephen portrays the popular game character, Fruit Ninja.


The opening scene of the full length feature “Little Saigon”. The ending is shocking.


Barbara and Stephen displays their love for each others in this cute short video.


What if the grandparents read your text messages. Barbara and Stephen shows you..

Stephen is a featured dancer in Ed Sheeran’s hit music video, SING.


The reviews are out and the credits claims that this is Stephen’s most powerful performance ever. They said that it was: explosive, full of energy, and popping. What do you think?


Stephen portrays a father who could not convey his love to his daughter.  


Freak Show (extended 4:53 version).


Segment of Stephen’s Stand-up comedy routine entitled “The Dragon”.